J. Morita Twinpower Surgical 45 Dentist Highspeed Handpiece for KaVo Coupler

The TwinPower Turbine® product line by J. Morita offers industry-leading technical innovation. Featuring the world's only “twin turbines,” these handpieces harness super-high torque in an efficient, ergonomic design. This double-impeller technology produces a mass of power, unsurpassed clinical stability, and constant speed even under high load conditions. Additionally, TwinPower handpieces eliminate suck back in the air line – a unique feature that offers excellent contamination control.


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TwinPower Turbine 45 offers maximum access and visibility with a 45° angle and an overall head size smaller than competitive units. Extremely powerful, these dental handpieces deliver up to 20 watts for smooth, efficient cutting. Rear-facing exhaust vents direct air flow away from the surgical site for patient protection. With zero suck back in the air line, they also provide excellent contamination control, especially important in surgical procedures such as sectioning of 3rd molars.

TwinPower Turbine 45 Optic

The original model with glass rod optics and a ceramic coated surface. It is compatible with Morita and KaVo® MULTIflex® LUX connections.

Well-balanced, ergonomic design

The compact and lightweight design of TwinPower is extremely comfortable to work with – even over extended periods of use. Weighing as little as 48 grams, fatigue of the operator’s hand, wrist, and fingers is significantly reduced.

Grip design and surface treatment

TwinPower features a newly designed grip, which enables a relaxed hold of the dental handpiece. The unique ceramic coating treatment offers up to 30% greater friction forces, improving grip and durability throughout multiple sterilization cycles.

High-powered operation

Small, ergonomic and high-powered – these are characteristics of the turbines of the new J. Morita TwinPower Turbine Series. With their small dimensions and simultaneous high power they make treatment easier in the molar area – with or without a mirror.

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  • Name: TwinPower Turbine® 45 4HEX-O
  • Maximum access & visibility with compact, 45° head
  • Chuck type: Push-button chuck
  • Safe, rear-facing exhaust vents
  • Rotation Speed (rpm): 370,000 ± 30,000
  • Superior cutting power with unique, double-impeller technology
  • Power (watts): 20
  • Up to 20 watts of power
  • Water ports: 3
  • Zero suck back in air line for excellent contamination control
  • Head diameter (mm): 10.5
  • Head diameter: 10.5 mm / Head height: 13.2 mm
  • Head height (mm): 13.2
  • Weight: 45g to 59g
  • Weight (g): 53-59
  • 3 water ports
  • Driving air pressure: 0.2-0.29 Mpa / 29-42 psi
  • Quiet & long-lasting ceramic ball bearings
    • Push button chuck

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