Handpiece Repairs

Precision Dental Handpiece Repairs

Precision Dental is an authorized dental warranty repair centre certified by our manufacturers to offer complete authorized factory handpiece repairs and new or original handpiece warranty service Canada-wide.

With Precision Dental you are getting Health Canada approved parts only. We repair to factory specifications and we will also repair newly warranted handpieces – even if purchased from other suppliers.

Dental handpiece repair pricing varies so much it is best to just send it in for an exact free no obligation quotation.

Precision Dental Handpiece Repairs

Turbine Problems?

  • Low Torque
  • Bur Chatter
  • Seized
  • Bur Slipping
  • High Pitch
  • Stuck/Broken Bur
  • Vibration

Other Problems?

  • Water/Chip Air Spray
  • Coupler Leaking
  • No Light
  • Flickering/Dull LED
Precision Dental Handpiece Repairs
We only replace the necessary parts but you’re guaranteed optimum performance. Replacement of bearings, rotors, o-rings, seals, gears, springs, cartridge replacement and rebuilds are just some of the things we offer. All services include adjustments, clean, lube and test.IMPORTANT: If not properly maintained, Electric handpieces can cause burns. So it’s important to check the handpiece for normal operation before each procedure (see below).


  • Factory OEM Turbines
  • Euro Aftermarket Turbines
  • Turbine Rebuilds

Highspeed Repairs

We offer all the best options:

  • Factory OEM Turbines
  • Euro Aftermarket Turbines
  • Turbine Rebuilds (Where Applicable)

Turbine Installation Includes:

  • Complete Handpiece Service & Adjustment
  • Deep Clean: purging of Water/Chip Air Lines
  • Lube, Polish, & Test All Functions to Manufacturer Specifications.

Precision Dental Handpiece Repairs

With handpiece NOT attached to motor, insert and manually rotate bur between fingers. Bur should rotate smoothly without a gravelly feel – there should be NO turning restriction or wobble! With handpiece attached to motor, run handpiece at a variety of speeds, and stop and start a couple of times – there should be NO grinding, rattling or clicking noises! With handpiece attached to motor,
run handpiece for approximately 20 seconds at maximum speed. Immediately stop running and with caution touch head and neck to check for anything abnormal – there should be NO heat felt or hot smell!

Precision Dental Handpiece Repairs
Electric & Attachment Repairs
Patient safety is #1. Did you know electric handpieces can cause burns if not running correctly? Electric handpieces should only be repaired by professionals who are factory trained and authorized. We guarantee customer and patient safety and satisfaction.

Other Repairs
Slowspeed motor & attachments, surgical 45 and surgical systems, endodontic units, lab unit repairs, and many more!


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