J. Morita Lubrina Handpiece Lubricator System

The Lubrina handpiece maintenance system offers fully automatic, highly efficient cleaning, purging, and lubrication for a wide variety of equipment. It will service up to 4 handpieces in just 100 seconds and will accommodate contra angles, straight handpieces, air driven handpieces, and air scalers.

J.Morita Lubrina Lubrication System
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Lubrina cleans and purges handpieces, and a variety of other equipment, via a rapid air blow system. The speed of air flow has been substantially increased resulting in more power. It delivers superior performance in the same amount of time – just 25 seconds per handpiece. Lubrina also offers a long blow out mode, if needed, to help ensure proper maintenance and maximize service life.

Rated as highly versatile in 2009 for its setting options, four ports, and compatibility with multiple handpiece and lubricant brands, Morita continues to improve Lubrina’s versatility. In addition to 4-hole and 6-pin, it is now compatible with a standard 5-hole connection. Lubrina is also currently the ONLY system on the market that accepts multiple brands of spray lubricant including the use of two different sprays in the same cycle. Powerful, versatile, and easy to operate, Lubrina simplifies the maintenance process and keeps handpieces running smoothly.


  • ONLY unit that accepts multiple brands of spray
  • Allows two different sprays per cycle
  • Accommodates wide variety of attachments & handpiece types
  • Short and long mode options

Saves time & money:

  • Uses only 1/3 the lubricant (compared to manual lubrication)
  • Services up to 4 handpieces in only 100 seconds
  • Protects your equipment, helps keep it running smoothly


  • Built-in chuck maintenance system**
  • Air suction system eliminates mist for clean operation

Lubrina is compatible with the following connections:

  • 6-Pin Connection
  • 4-Hole Connection
  • 5-Hole Connection


  • Five oil absorption pads
  • oil absorption case
  • power cord
  • tray filter
  • tray
  • AR spray can stand
  • air tube
  • one 420ml AR Spray

** For Morita instruments only

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