NSK Ti-Max Z45L Surgical 45 1:5 Highspeed Handpiece

NSK Ti-Max Z Air Driven series delivers high-performance dental handpieces that exceed all expectations. Backed by the constant innovation and technology of NSK, these products offer great power, precision and performance. NSK's revolutionary highspeed dental handpieces deliver unmatched comfort for patients and clinicians alike.

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Ti Max Z Air Driven Series

1st Surgical 45 For Electric Motors.

Powerful, Steady & Durable

The highspeed dental handpieces of the NSK Ti-Max Z Air Driven series deliver on the NSK promise of going above and beyond in the development of state-of-the-art handpieces in dentistry. Backed by the high standards of the NSK product team, and using processing technology, this series provides incomparable comfort for patients and clinicians. With a powerful dental handpiece turbine producing 26W of power, this technological innovation is sure to revolutionize your dental practice.

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  • Speed increasing 1:5
    • Head: 45° Angle Head
    • DLC Coating
    • Gear Ratio: 1:4.2 Increasing
    • Anti Heat System
    • For FG burs (Ø1.6)
    • Cellular Glass Optics
    • Head Size: H13.4 x Ø8.9
    • Ceramic Bearings
    • Water Spray Quattro Spray (Water Jet / Mist)
    • Clean Head System
    • Body Material: Titanium
    • Push Button Chuck
    • Body Coating: DURACOAT
    • Microfilter
    • Max Speed: 168,000 min-1

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