NSK Ti-Max X500KL Mini Titanium Push Button Optic Handpiece (KaVo Style)

NSK designed and engineered the new X500KL to be simply the best air turbine optic highspeed handpiece you can buy. Newly developed Dual Air Jet generates unmatched 22W power, offering such level of performance that you’ve never experienced before. Bright cellular optics assures clear visibility of every part of the treatment field.

NSK Highspeed Handpieces
Buy (3) Ti-Max X – Get (1) FREE + Get (1) LED Coupler* FREE!- *NSK or KaVo type couplers only.
OR Buy (5) – Get (2) FREE! Can also choose the S-Max Pico or Ti-Max X450 Surgical 45 as the Free Handpiece.

Promotions are subject to change without notice!
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With incredible lightweight, delicately curved Arc-lines and a solid titanium body, you can keep an ideal head and grip angle even when working on hard-to-access spots with the Ti-Max X500KL. It was designed and engineered to be the best air turbine optic highspeed dental handpiece on the market. With a Dual Air Jet handpiece turbine generating an unmatched 22W power, the NSK Ti-Max X500KL Compact Highspeed dental handpiece offers speed and performance. Quattro Water Spray provides optimum cooling effect with mist-like fine water droplets, while bright cellular optics assures you uninterrupted visibility to every part of the treatment field.

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