NSK Surgic Pro LED Surgical Implant Rotary System

The Surgic Pro is compact, lightweight and powerful to reliably deliver everything that professionals demand.


  • Control unit without data storage facility
  • Optic Micromotor
  • FC-78 Foot Control
  • X-SG20L 20:1 Implant Handpiece
  • Irrigation tube (5 pcs.) and other accessories
NSK Surgic Pro LED System
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The NSK Surgic Pro implant rotary system is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system incorporating the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC). By individually calibrating each handpiece to the micromotor, AHC absolutely guarantees accurate speed and torque control, consistent with the real time performance exhibited on the LCD.

The inbuilt availability of a wide range of speed and torque settings allows Clinicians to use Surgic Pro with any implant system brand. Maximum safety through all speed and torque settings is without compromise.

Shorter and Lighter than the Conventional optic surgical micromotor. This new surgical micromotor is 16.2mm shorter and weighs 42g less compared to the conventional optic surgical micromotor.

Large Illuminated LCD

Large backlight LCD ensures clear visibility of all treatment parameters at all times.

Adjustable Light Intensity

3 levels of light intensity can easily be adjusted by the user (High/Low/Off) to suit treatment conditions.

Control Unit with Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC)

High Torque Accuracy Guaranteed – Use NSK Surgic Pro AHC to calibrates the micromotor and the handpiece to the rotational resistance of each individual handpiece prior to operation. AHC guarantees extremely accurate speed and torque for maximum safety during operation.

Slim High Performance Pump

NSK has designed a slim high performance irrigation pump. The pump is easily accessible and the irrigation line can be set up pump with ease.

6 Preset Implant System with Individual 8 Programs

NSK Surgic Pro is pre-programmed with memories 6 major brand implant rotary systems. Each program includes speed, torque, coolant flow, and rotational direction. New programs are memorized simply by pressing the Memory key.

Display Permanently Showing Memory Status

LCD shows remaining capacity of the built-in memory and the status.

NSK Autoclavable

All NSK handpieces offer superior durability and long-lasting high performance even after repeated autoclaving up to 135°C.

Thermodisinfector Ready

Disinfecting handpieces prior to autoclaving is a recommendable practice for more effective infection control. The symbol mark on your NSK product means you can cleanse and disinfect the handpiece using a thermodisinfector.


  • Control unit without data storage facility
  • Optic Micromotor
  • FC-78 Foot Control
  • X-SG20L 20:1 Implant Handpiece
  • Irrigation tube (5 pcs.) and other accessories
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  • Power supply: AC 120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
  • LED illumination
  • Max. Pump Output: 75mL/min
  • Powerful Torque (Up to 80 Ncm)
  • Programs: 8 Program / Implant System
  • Wide Speed Range (200 to 40,000 min)
  • Dimensions: W265 x D220 XH100 (mm)
  • High torque accuracy
    • Lightest and smallest micromotor
      • Excellent durability
        • Autoclavable, thermo-disinfectable and maintenance free brushless design

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