KaVo SONICflex Prep Ceram Tip #51

Tips for defined approximal finishing for adhesive inlays.

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Tips for defined approximal finishing for adhesive inlays.

The problem:

Ideally, approximal adhesive inlays and onlays fit exactly into the cavity: with different bevel angles and edges, harmonious transitions, no undercuts. Practically this is extremely difficult to achieve. Rotating instruments often give rise to the opposite: irregular shapes and edges and hence a poor basis for the dental technician, unnecessarily large extensions.

The solution:

KaVo SONICflex prep ceram (0.571.0331) permits perfect finishing and exactly defined cavities through precise transfer of the geometry of the tips directly to the tooth substance. With tips specially developed for adhesive inlays and onlays with optimum bevel angles:
Tips with defined edge angles: lateral (60°) and cervical (75°)
Tips diamond-coated on one side (mesial and distal)

Treatment: precise preparation of various bevel-angles around margins, with gradual angle transitions from cervical to lateral areas

Form: mesial, tips with defined bevel-angles: lateral – 60°, cervical – 75°,
diamond coating D 46

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  • compatible with SONICflex 2000 N / L, 2003 / L
  • Avoidance of undesired undercuts
  • compatible with SONICflex 2008 / L, 2008 S / LS
  • Optimized result: the result of the preparation in the difficult approximal region is reproducible and is considerably improved
    • Less treatment stress, especially in critical procedures
      • Less treatment time: considerable time saving compared with conventional methods
        • Quality improvement: through cavity design which protects substance and adjacent teeth.
          • Wide range of applications: may be used for all fully ceramic and fine hybrid composite and other inlay systems, such as CEREC®, EMPRESS® and TARGIS VECTRIS® (registered trade marks of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, Bensheim and Ivoclar AG, Schaan)