KaVo PROPHYflex Prophy Orange Powder 80pk

The round shape permits an infinite amount of contact points with the tooth. KaVo PROPHYpearls are Extremely efficient.

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The cleaning powder for KaVo PROPHYflex 2 and 3

The round shape permits an infinite amount of contact points with the tooth. Extremely efficient, PROPHYpearls roll over the tooth with an infinite number of contact points – and roll and roll… For full cleaning power and efficient without leaving scratch marks on tooth structure.

Allow first-class cleaning results – your patients will appreciate the before/after difference!

For tooth cleaning, KaVo offers two different cleaning agents, each being perfectly adapted to the PROPHYflex.

  • You may choose from PROPHYpearls and PROPHYflex powder.
  • Both solutions are Calcium Carbonate powder which eliminates salty taste.
  • Smooth, soft, and gentle to the tooth.
  • Allows for efficient and faster cleaning.
  • No clogging in the unit.
  • Can be used with any manufacturer’s air polishing systems.

Perfect form and function

PROPHYpearls are based on less hygroscopic, non-clumping calcium and may be used at any time. They are ball-shaped and provide optimum cleaning power: thanks to an infinite number of contact points on the spherical surface. The dynamic PROPHYpearls will roll across tooth surfaces and will correspondingly work more efficiently.

So comfortable for your patients

PROPHYpearls are particularly gentle on the teeth, as they do not have any sharp edges. And your patients will also appreciate that tooth cleaning with PROPHYpearls, is also gentle on the entire mouth. Furthermore, many patients prefer the neutral taste of PROPHYpearls.

Save valuable time with PROPHYpearls

Not only tooth cleaning, but also handling is very efficient, thanks to PROPHYpearls. Just refill with PROPHYpearls, using the pre-dosed sachet.

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  • PROPHYpearls roll away stains, plaque and calculus accurately, gently and powerfully.
    • Optimized cleaning performance.
      • Gentler treatment to sound tooth structure, avoiding surface damage.
        • Faster cleaning.
          • Suitable for PROPHYflex 2 and 3 as well as all other manufacturers air polishing systems.
            • No chemical reaction to air humidity, resulting in no clogging.
              • Calcium carbonate powder eliminates salty taste, thus increasing patient acceptance.