KaVo M8700L Highspeed Dental Handpieces

KaVo's new highspeed series: MASTERtorque. The MASTERtorque is available in two different versions: The standard M8900L and this model, the mini head M8700L version.

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Introducing KaVo’s new highspeed handpiece series: MASTERtorque. The MASTERtorque is available in standard M8900L and mini head M8700L versions.

MASTER Series premium air highspeed dental handpieces operate at a very low-frequency range. MASTERtorque M8700 L and MASTERtorque mini M8900 L are two of the quietest high-speed air handpieces around. An extremely well-balanced turbine reduces acoustic pressure and high-frequency peaks to protect your hearing and helps create a relaxing environment for all. The unique ball-bearing technology guarantees quiet and virtually vibration-free operation.

Unmatched Flexibility with MULTIflex Coupler

KaVo Multiflex Coupler
Quick change of instruments: for single, secure snap-on, quick connect for air, water and light. 360º full rotation due to the MULTIflex Coupler. Absolute flexibility for diverse clinical applications with MULTIflex, e.g. air abrasion and polishing, crown and bridge removal, air-scaling, etc.

Direct Stop Technology

KaVo Dental Handpiece Direct Stop Technology
The cutting edge Direct Stop Technology (DST) reduces stopping time by 60% and stops the bur in less than one second**

Safe hygiene

Shortest stopping time prevents retractive suction of aerosols and particles into the ball bearings for more hygiene and overall handpiece longevity.

Safe preparations

Innovative Direct Stop Technology stops the bur in less than one second,** ensuring increased safety during treatments.

Work faster and more efficiently

DST allows immediate restarting of work after lifting of the bur for quick checks of margin preparations.**

**On average for example

Safeguard Technology

Dental Handpiece Safeguard Technology
Anti-Retraction improves hygienic safety and handpiece longevity

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  • Mini Head (19 watts) KaVo high speed ceramic bearing handpiece
    • Quiet at 59 decibels
      • Field replaceable water filter
        • 3-port spray
          • Plasmatec coating
            • Small head handpiece with new angles for improved access
              • Push button auto chuck
                • 3rd generation cellular optics
                  • Automatic drive air adjustment-
                    • Use at minimum drive air pressure 38 psi (2.6 bar)
                      • MULTIflex LUX connection
                        • 440,000 rpm

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