KaVo L68B Push Button Latch Head

INTRA LUX heads from KaVo Electrics, including the KaVo L68B Push Button Latch Head, fit on all MASTERmatic, GENTLEpower, and INTRAmatic LH / CH contra-angle KaVo handpieces.

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KaVo Electric Handpieces: MASTERmatic Series – The Pinnacle of KaVo Innovation

Featuring the KaVo L68B Push Button Latch Head – The KaVo MASTERmatic Series features lowspeed handpieces with contra angles to provide a superior access with a uniquely patented angle found only in KaVo Electrics.

MASTERmatic lowspeed contra angles are compatible with all INTRA LUX heads, which result in increased versatility for a variety of dental procedures. Our new integrated technology includes Plasmatec coating, optical illumination with 25,000 lux, flexible catch, E-style connection, and now include a field-exchangeable spray microfilter.

INTRA LUX Heads: Strong and Versatile

  • Time-saving, material-conscious, flexible and economical: no unnecessary investment in additional instruments.
  • Sterilizable up to 135°C.
  • KaVo offers the right head for almost any indication: restoration, prophylaxis, endodontics, surgery, etc.
  • KaVo INTRA LUX heads fit on all KaVo MASTERmatic, GENTLEpower, and INTRAmatic LH / CH contra-angle handpieces.
  • Small heads for good vision in the working area.
  • All KaVo INTRA heads may be easily removed from the contra angles and exchanged, depending on the indications.
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  • Transmission 1:1
    • Operating speed: 100 - 40,000 rpm
      • For latch burs
        • Push button auto chuck
          • Blue dot
            • For removing carious material, preparation of the cavity floor, or rotating preparation of root canals, e.g. with NiTi files.