KaVo EXPERTmatic E61C EVA Prophy Attachment Handpiece

KaVo Expert Series Electric Handpieces: The Best High Speed Handpiece that’s Right for You

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Expert Series KaVo Electric Dental Handpieces

Superior Performance with KaVo Handpieces

With seamless stainless steel construction, the Expert Series of highspeed KaVo electric handpieces — which includes the KaVo EXPERTmatic E61C EVA Prophy Dental Handpiece Attachment — all feature a KaVo knurling grip, quality stainless steel construction and advanced hygienic solutions. Lengthy procedures are easier with the KaVo tested hygiene grip.

KaVo Material

It almost goes without saying that all KaVo EXPERTmatic highspeed electric handpieces can be thermally disinfected, sterilised in autoclaves at temperatures of up to 135°C, and can also be washed in the Miele thermodisinfector. The entire KaVo EXPERTmatic range is made of premium quality stainless steel. Perfectly designed for the entire practice. With no nuts, bolts or surface joins, there is nowhere for grime to accumulate.

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  • 10,000 rpm optimal drive speed (20,000 rpm maximum drive speed)
    • To be used with Intensive files (ORTHOstrips or Proxoshapes)
      • 36 individual locking positions
        • For interproximal polishing, stripping and preparation
          • Buffered stroke (protects soft tissue)
            • Elevation 0.8 mm
              • Internal air/water coolant
                • 1-port spray
                  • EXPERTgrip
                    • Universal "E" type connection