KaVo 61LRG Prep Control .8mm Stroke Head

KaVo Handpieces – 61LRG Prep Control .8mm Stroke Head

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61LRG Prep Control .8mm Stroke Head

The KaVo 61LRG Prep Control .8mm Stroke Head is designed for the perfect beveling of inlay cavities, to prepare borders for anterior composites and for preparation borders; for finishing borders in veneer preparations and chamfer preparation; for beveling shoulders in crown stump preparations; for removing enamel lamellae and for finishing cavity walls; and for controlled substance removal in the practice of ordontoplasty.

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  • 36 positions for locking the polishing inserts (use with Cavishape, Bevelshape, Proxoshape and Rootshape files)
    • gentle and efficient preparation thanks to damped 0.8 mm stroke
      • maximum operating speed 20000 rpm
        • use with slightly abrasive paste
          • For Endo/Perio and Ortho Procedures
            • Mat.-Nr. 0.549.3450