KaVo RONDOflex plus 360

The Air-Abrasion-System with spray for many indications

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The powerful and gentle method

Defined powder particles are accelerated to high speed (20 m/sec) in an air stream. When these particles strike the area to be processed, tooth substance is removed accurately through kinetic energy.

With additional water supply

  • Reduced powder contamination
  • Substantially smaller debris radius
  • More easily removable corundum particles
  • More convenient treatment

KaVo RONDOflex plus – so strong. So clean. So efficient.

Rotatable through 360°

This means problem-free work even at difficult to reach areas in every quadrant.

Controlled 3.2 bar

The intelligent technology increases the pressure of your unit by 20%, i.e. from 2.8 bar to 3.2 bar – but is still just as powerful as when operated with 6 bar.


High-quality materials used in manufacture, such as ceramic, tungsten carbide and high-alloy steel protect RONDOflex from highly abrasive powders.

Light in the hand

The convenient power packet weighs only 200 g.

Fully washable

KaVo RONDOflex is fully washable in a thermal disinfector and sterilizable at 135° in an autoclave.


KaVo RONDOflex fits the MULTIflex coupling and can therefore be used immediately on any treatment unit. Without additional equipment or connections.

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    • Highly efficient, clean work, light-weight, accurate and with the best possible protection of healthy tooth substance.
      • Gentle treatment without drilling, without injection, without noise, without vibrations and without an unpleasant sensation in the mouth: pleasant for your patient, particularly for sensitive patients, children and young people.
        • Incomparable flexibility through problem-free use at various workplaces thanks to MULTIflex coupling: simply push on and start. Without additional equipment.Without additional connections. Without inconvenient assembly.
          • With additional water supply.
            • Including 4 cannulae.