NSK Volvere i7 Dental Lab System

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NSK Volvere i7 Dental Lab System

The VOLVERE i7 is another advance in NSK’s quest to provide dental technicians access to its globally renowned dental laboratory systems. The stylish VOLVERE i7 delivers a compact, advanced design, all essential features and excellent value for money.

Light and compact to fit into the smallest space
The unit is just 69 mm wide and weighs only 930 g. It can safely be placed on workbench shelves to save space on the worktop.

Microcomputer Controls
Knowledge gained from many years of experience and NSK’s cutting edge dental laboratory technologies are incorporated into a high performance microcomputer with its CPU. This microcomputer provides excellent control and constantly monitors the motion of the motor to provide smooth starting and stopping. If changing rotation direction while the motor is running, the microcomputer waits and checks that the motor has completely stopped before changing the rotation direction. The motor starts and stops without any jolts and runs extremely smoothly to maximize user comfort.

Ergonomic Handpiece
This Dental Lab handpiece incorporates the latest ergonomics, just like all NSK models. The grip is easy to hold and minimises fatigue, enhancing the precision of dental laboratory work.

High Torque, High Efficiency Coreless Motor
The micromotor in the VOLVERE i7 Lab handpiece has no core and generates less rotary momentum. This contributes to the controllability of the rotation speed and reduces uneven rotation. In addition, this motor has higher power efficiency compared to a conventional motor and can maintain constant speed even at high speeds.

Special Dust Proof Mechanism
The Dental Lab handpiece has a patented built-in dust-proof system to prevent the ingress of debris into the bearings.


Standard Micromotor Lab System VOLVERE i7 Control Unit / Motor Handpiece / Foot Control / Lab Handpiece Stand

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