KaVo SONICflex Root Planer Tip #27

Effective cleansing of smooth surfaces and concave areas

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Diamond-coated and contra-angle tips for mechanical root cleaning and smoothing in periodontal surgery.

The problem

Periodontal treatments with graft operations are complicated and physically stressful. The furcation proves to be a weak point: it has only limited access and is difficult to clean.

The solution

The KaVo SONICflex rootplaner tips for easy processing of even remote or narrow furcation regions. Eases the physically stressful periodontal treatment with graft operation for the dentist and patient:
Differently angled tips with working ends of different sizes: singly angled bud for cleaning smooth surfaces and the contra-angle bud for furcation cleaning.

Therapy: effective cleansing of smooth surfaces and concave areas
Form: extra-long perio, button, large; diamond coating D25

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